Norvel .074 Diesel Conversion

I recently completed a couple Norvel .074 diesel conversions. The head is my own design. The look was intended to keep the rather “Soviet” of the engine. Test running will be under way shortly. Fuel will be Plain Bearing Blend, from Eric Clutton. I have test run the engine with a Graupner 8×4. I’ll get back with some details when they come about.

It’s too bad Norvel has gone into the history books. The engine were good, but where more than the typical modeler could handle for running in, due to tolerances in the fits. Patience is needed to get a Norvel broken in properly.

Norvel .074 Diesel Conversion

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  1. Colonel Evan Says:

    Could you make me one of these diesel heads or do you know where I could get one or learn how to build one? Norvel is back in business and changed their name to NV.

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