Norvel .074 Diesel Conversion Runs

I ran the Norvel .074 Diesel Conversion today. Running the previously mentioned fuel which is 28% castor oil, 35% ether, 35% kerosene, and 2% amyl nitrate, it turned a Graupner 8×4 Super Nylon at approximately 11,000 RPM. Idle was roughly 4500. The engine is getting better with runtime. It has only about one hours total at this time. It was 87°F today in Chicago around noon, so I called it quits for the day.
Also visible in the photo is my newly finished engine test stand, made from some 2″x2″x1/4″ aluminum angle. I will add an aluminum base with slots for bolts to adjust for engine widths in the near future.

Norvel .074 Diesel on test bench

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  1. Norvel diesel heads for the .074 Says:

    […] and earth shaking power. His website says it does 11k on a Graupner 8-4 with a 4500rpm low end: The worst part about Greg is that he and his family are 5 hours way in good weather on the other […]

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