Summer is Here.

I see it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. I’ve been busy with a new baby boy and several projects on top of work. I did manage to attend the NAMES event this year. It was interesting as usual, but I didn’t get any photos this year. I visited with a friend and did get a chance to run his Schlosser 0.25CC diesel. Wow, was that  nice engine. Being brand new it felt incredibly good and doesn’t seem like it will need much run time before reaching full potential. Unfortunately, I forgot to get a photo or video.

The FS-52 with spark ignition was written off in a crash that totaled the airplane. One of these days, it will be repaired. Read about what I learned in the teardown. A spark conversion of an FSa-81 is almost complete.

I added a page about a camshaft swap I’m doing in one of my diesel FS-48’s to improve consumption. The engine needs a few more items and will be test run soon.

I also uploaded a few manuals to the download page today.