Updated FS-48 setup.

Last year I posted a video of the FS-48 at the flying field. I have installed a Robart fueling valve and Cline fuel regulator. The fuel regulator improves consistency of mixture setting for the large 13 oz on-board tank. The valve allows starting and warm up with an auxiliary fuel tank containing standard model diesel fuel. When the valve is closed the engine draws from the on-board tank of fuel without ether. After final needle adjustments, it’s ready to fly. I also replaced the stock FS-48 needle with a different part number that fits but has a much finer taper for improved needling. The starting procedure is much improved and only needs a tank that will sit on the model without assistance. The video is here.  I flew the model last week, at mostly high power settings, for 25 minutes an landed with 2/3rd’s of a tank. The run time is fantastic. Setting the engine is a little tricky with etherless fuel, but it’s and interesting experiment.